Definition of pitch up in English:

pitch up

phrasal verb

  • Turn up; arrive.

    ‘he eventually pitched up in Britain on a diplomatic passport’
    • ‘After a doctor could not be found, the nurse eventually pitched up with an oxygen mask.’
    • ‘An elderly man who pitched up in a hospital emergency room with complete amnesia agreed to undergo conscious sedation to try to retrieve his memory.’
    • ‘The circus has just pitched up on Blackheath.’
    • ‘An extra 19 million days a year are wiped out in lost productivity by staff pitching up for work worse for wear.’
    • ‘Apparently, they pitched up at the Embassy in London this morning and handed over a gold statuette.’
    • ‘They pitched up at the air station the night before main Christmas leave began, so many of the Naval Air Squadrons had already left.’
    • ‘He eventually pitched up at Sheffield Wednesday, leading the team to playoff glory in League One, and a deserved assault on this year's Championship.’
    • ‘Those who pitched up appear to have lost memory or simply run out of ideas.’
    • ‘By pitching up less than six months later engaged to a different woman, he was bound to have thrown his brother a little.’
    • ‘Last November she pitched up in York knowing nothing of the city except that Bettys' Tearooms was based here, and without a friend to her name.’