Definition of pitch control in English:

pitch control


mass noun
  • 1Control of the pitch of a helicopter's rotors or an aircraft's propellers.

    • ‘‘We've been investigating the pitch control on the elevation and realized that the Wrights probably had to use some sort of turnbuckle to adjust the slackness in the cables,’ Engler said.’
  • 2Control of the pitching motion of an aircraft.

    • ‘I initially thought the wind swirling around the cliffs had caused the turbulence, but, whatever the reason, we rapidly were descending through 400 feet and losing pitch control.’
    • ‘Allow the pilot to lift more from the center of gravity while still having pitch control.’
    • ‘This provides for a wider range of pitch control for the average flex wing.’
    • ‘It is no problem to move from side to side for roll control and forward and back for pitch control.’
    • ‘The team hopes he can regain his confidence and improve his pitch control at Class AAA New Orleans.’