Definition of pit one's wits against in English:

pit one's wits against


  • Compete mentally with.

    ‘they formed themselves into teams to pit their wits against each other’
    • ‘We have faced quite a few of them so far and Manchester United have got some great players who you like to pit your wits against and see how you cope.’
    • ‘It's going to be a great occasion for my players to pit their wits against certainly the best squad in the division.’
    • ‘Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock star as the mis-matched duo in question, this time pitting their wits against two groups of Eastern European terrorists bidding to bring a nuclear bomb to America.’
    • ‘The episodes are enlivened by courtroom scenes where Tenali pits his wits against that of his adversaries and comes up trumps every time, much to the secret delight of the ruler.’
    • ‘More competent players can pit their wits against the masters of the past in historically accurate face-offs.’
    • ‘We're playing a team two divisions up in a great stadium and it's a good opportunity for us to pit our wits against them and see if we can compete.’
    • ‘He has taken the odd piece of advice from Middlesbrough boss McClaren, whom he pits his wits against today.’
    • ‘Bringing his girlfriend Tania MacHale with him for luck, he pitted his wits against more than 2,500 competitors including the world's best professional players over five days.’
    • ‘Paul Mullin is relishing the chance to pit his wits against two more Championship sides.’
    • ‘If you think you are good with words try pitting your wits against Redhill's Priscilla Munday who will be competing in the national Scrabble finals next week, writes Adrian Mitchell.’