Main definitions of pir in English

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  • A Muslim saint or holy man.

    • ‘They believe that the pir's gravesite is full of blessings, and they attend at shrines to pray to God for favors.’
    • ‘Almost all cultures that have benevolent images of magic-workers - shamans, healers, pirs, saints - also have malevolent ones.’
    • ‘He is running from Hala in Sindh, and since he is the pir or saint of Hala, he will certainly win his seat.’
    • ‘Built in 1650, it is attributed to a pir named Abdul Karim, who was more popularly known as Sheikh Chehli among the local inhabitants.’
    • ‘People go to the mosque to pray and light candles and also visit the tombs of pir (holy men) to make a wish.’


From Persian pīr ‘old man’.




Main definitions of pir in English

: pir1PIR2


  • Passive infrared (denoting a type of sensor).