Definition of piping plover in English:

piping plover


  • A small buff-coloured bird of coastal areas in eastern North America.

    Charadrius melodus, family Charadriidae

    • ‘Another plover you probably hope to view is the piping plover, cause of both agitation and celebration, depending upon your particular point of view.’
    • ‘East Hampton beaches have been the preferred nesting location for about 22 pairs of threatened piping plovers in the last several years, but chick mortality has been around 60 percent.’
    • ‘Management of piping plovers includes control of predators such as red foxes, raccoons, gulls, and crows.’
    • ‘Three piping plovers, 50 least terns, and one oystercatcher were raised.’
    • ‘The endangered piping plover, found nowhere else in Quebec, nests on the islands' beaches.’