Definition of pipewort in English:



  • An aquatic or marsh plant with leafless stems bearing heads of inconspicuous flowers, native to western Ireland, the Hebrides, and North America.

    Eriocaulon aquaticum, family Eriocaulaceae

    • ‘Eriocaulon decangulare L. (common names include ten-angled pipewort, hat pin, and bog button) is a monoecious perennial that occurs in wetlands throughout the coastal plain of North Carolina.’
    • ‘The pipewort family, whose plants put forth a single flower head on one stem, is well represented by three kinds of pipeworts, at least two kinds of bog-buttons, and one species of hatpins.’
    • ‘Other rare taxa associated with long's bittercress in Massachusetts include parker's pipewort, river arrowhead, and estuary beggar-ticks.’
    • ‘Nonwoody plants in or near the water include arrow arum, bulltongue arrowhead, foxtail club moss, golden club, Jamaica swamp saw grass, pipewort, royal fern, tall pinebarren milkwort, and several kinds of sedges and rushes.’