Definition of pipework in English:



mass noun
  • Pipes that make up a network in a house, heating system, etc.

    ‘over the years copper pipework corrodes in places’
    • ‘Mr Welch considered that a provisional allowance of £4,000 should be made for renewal of radiators and branch pipework in the main central heating system.’
    • ‘It acquired Croft Pipework, which designs, manufactures and installs pipework and industrial coils, in order to gain a presence in the lucrative Hull market.’
    • ‘There are certainly people who dive in the hope of retrieving some kind of treasure - a porthole, a telegraph, a manky old tap-fitting hacked off a bit of pipework.’
    • ‘A plumber installed pipework, bathroom fittings and a kitchen sink between the 6th and 8th of April.’
    • ‘Various pieces of pipework and valves project into the tunnel from the end of the donkey boiler and plenty of light enters the tunnel through breaks in the plates and triangular ends forward and aft.’
    • ‘Although the sink was apparently necessary and new pipework was required she ‘could not believe’ that this represented good value for money.’
    • ‘Ours is probably typical, stuffed with a hot water storage tank, a tangled mass of pipework and shelves loaded with horrible pink towels and eternal beau bedding given as a wedding present by great aunt Maud.’
    • ‘Vibration/resonance from compressor motion transmitting through to pipework but also through platform structure through to opposite side of platform.’
    • ‘More than 100 miles of the 28-year-old pipework in Flotta is in tip-top condition, according to Talisman's manager for exploration and production, John Forrest.’
    • ‘Imagine an incredibly complex computer program, a physical structure, skeletal at first, then gaining a dense musculature of electronic cabling, pipework and floors and finally, an exterior skin.’
    • ‘Look up to the ceiling and you see ducting and pipework reminiscent of a James Bond film.’
    • ‘The original plinth, and the associated pipework for the fountain, still exist, and the re-installation should be a relatively straightforward matter’
    • ‘They supply exhibits through a network of trenches and pipework laid in the ground slab.’
    • ‘Two days later officers looked more closely at the mound and found cement-bonded asbestos, plastic, metal, carpet, wallpaper, pipework and glass.’
    • ‘One can find totally different wiring and pipework in different phases of the same house design on the same site.’
    • ‘Gilkes's pumps are in demand because, unlike their rivals, they are untroubled by the Tube's ageing Victorian pipework.’
    • ‘Ducted ones whisk smells away to the outside, which means they require a run of pipework, or ducting, from above the hob to an exterior wall.’
    • ‘There was a mix-up and the diary entries show that the 6th December was the delivery and the breakdown of the plumbing, the 5th of the 7th relates to the 4-inch pipework.’
    • ‘Above their heads, concealed by ceiling panels, was a space of perhaps 50 centimetres containing pipework, ducts and cables.’
    • ‘At many other schools, money will be spent on making buildings better, by dealing with structural repairs, new windows, boilers, pipework and rewiring.’