Definition of pipestone in English:



mass noun
  • Hard red clay (catlinite) used by North American Indians for tobacco pipes.

    • ‘The most recent and public difference of opinion over sacredness occurred just this summer, and it concerned a substance called pipestone.’
    • ‘A similar situation exists with the Mississippian figurines of flint clay that are often misidentified as bauxite or pipestone.’
    • ‘Various analyses of numerous Havana Hopewell platform pipes from Illinois revealed most to be made of Elkhorn Creek pipestone.’
    • ‘Most descriptions of these artifacts attribute the red material to Ohio pipestone or ‘fire-clay.’’
    • ‘One red tubular pipe was recognized as Kansas pipestone, which, while normally consisting dominantly of quartz and pyrophyllite, can have traces of both kaolinite and, commonly, muscovite.’