Definition of piperazine in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A synthetic crystalline compound with basic properties, sometimes used as an anthelmintic and insecticide.

    A heterocyclic compound; chemical formula: C₄H₁₀N₂

    • ‘Fluphenazine is a piperazine phenothiazine that is structurally similar to perphenazine and prochlorperazine.’
    • ‘The piperazine end of the molecule extends partially into the GC region of the DNA.’
    • ‘Thus, the piperazine ring rotates while the rest of the molecule stays in the starting x-ray conformation during the simulation.’
    • ‘The final step involved a nucleophilic substitution of the 2-chloro group by piperazine at high temperatures.’
    • ‘The interaction energy between the piperazine and the DNA does not alter significantly during the structural changes, suggesting entropy as the driving force for the transitions.’


Late 19th century: from piperidine + azine.