Definition of piper in English:



  • 1A bagpipe player.

    • ‘But don't expect to warm a brandy in front of a log fire serenaded by a piper's lament.’
    • ‘The Piping Centre's founding director of piping is also one of the world's most accomplished solo pipers and a pipe major with the acclaimed ScottishPower Pipe Band.’
    • ‘Standing on a makeshift stage of whisky barrels, the six drummers, pipers and vocalists are a dishevelled-looking bunch: think Braveheart meets Mad Max.’
    • ‘Their grandfather played the fiddle, and their father is a piper and singer of Gaelic songs.’
    • ‘As well as the actor, the opening also featured Scottish pipers, clowns and a barbecue.’
    • ‘AS THE drone of the bagpipes settles into a pleasing skirl, the piper enters and a hush falls over the crowd.’
    • ‘Adrian Schofield was - still is - a champion Northumbrian piper, despite coming from Bolton.’
    • ‘I don't know anything about the Germans' feelings about the bagpipe except they often shot the pipers first.’
    • ‘To the strains of The Green Hills, played by local pipers Eugene Murphy and his daughter Marie, the players entered the hall.’
    • ‘Outside the hotel a piper is being photographed by a South African rugby player as he plays a welcoming tune for a coachload of Scottish tourists.’
    • ‘PC Broadhurst was borne to the hearse to the accompaniment of a piper's lament and the tolling of a single bell.’
    • ‘A lone piper played for the wedding party while it waited for Rachel's arrival.’
    • ‘During the offertory, Michael Delaney played the trumpet, and the piper piped during the communion.’
    • ‘It is awarded to a piper doing exactly what pipers in Scottish regiments are best known for which is encouraging the men into an attack.’
    • ‘A lone piper played the lament before the crowd dispersed from the quayside following the ceremony.’
    • ‘You enter the city, riding a white charger, with 100 pipers leading the procession.’
    • ‘It's there you'll see the pipers and the fiddlers competing’
    • ‘Mr Pitt, 49, said: " We have arranged for a Scottish piper to lead the procession.’
    • ‘It was brought into the station by the lord provost of Stirling, Colin O'Brien, accompanied by pipers to the tune of ‘Scots Wha Hae’.’
    • ‘We are looking for drummers and pipers to continue a long tradition of good music.’
  • 2A person who plays a pipe, especially an itinerant musician.

    • ‘Three pipers, piping furiously, entered the gaming-space, followed by twelve young warriors in white cloaks and helmets decorated with the tail-feathers of the black eagle.’
    • ‘MacDonald himself will play various pipes and flute, accompanied by seven other pipers and four backing musicians.’
    • ‘The modal tunes reminiscent of pipers ' fifes and reels mixed with ragtime and black scales is a really extraordinary and rich mixture, constantly a reminder of the history of the South.’
    • ‘Virtuoso piper Jarlath has fused world music and traditional music to create a mesmeric and powerful sound.’
    • ‘According to himself, he became fascinated with the pipes having seen and heard a travelling piper who called at his home in 1930.’
    • ‘There is also an album from Dublin-born uillean piper and tin whistle player, Ronan Browne.’
    • ‘The band, consisting of a drummer, a piper and a fiddler, was playing a Torrencian song she knew, and she couldn't resist trying to join in.’
    • ‘This is always quite a ceremony, with pipers piping and whisky flowing and famous faces popping up all over.’
    • ‘The sitar player is like a pied piper leading the dinner guests as if they were rats.’
    • ‘After word of Banks' presence spread, he became a modern-day pied piper.’
    • ‘Then the pipers and drummers struck up once again and everyone sang the Star Spangled Banner.’
    • ‘Although he feared her, she could see he thought he had played her as a piper plays his pipe.’
    • ‘In South Africa and Lithuania disjunct panpipes - separate tubes with a group of pipers each playing one or two - are used.’


Old English pīpere.