Definition of pipe dream in English:

pipe dream


  • An unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme:

    ‘free trade in international aviation will remain a pipe dream’
    • ‘Sounds like a pipe dream - but are you going to tell her to back off?’
    • ‘But without a clear conception of the political means required to stop war, this slogan remains just a pipe dream.’
    • ‘But making music was still a pipe dream for MacInnes.’
    • ‘If they stayed loyal to the ARL, super-league would have remained a pipe dream.’
    • ‘But the idea that special interests could be kept at bay was a pipe dream.’
    • ‘The pipe dream at the end of it all is to actually set up a clinic in the UK, which would be just fantastic.’
    • ‘Unless these problems can be worked out, peace and friendship between the two countries will remain something of a pipe dream.’
    • ‘Eisenhower chose the broad front and, by spreading Allied troops too thinly, he turned hope of an early victory into a pipe dream.’
    • ‘‘We have shown that renewable hydrogen is not a pipe dream,’ says Macaulay.’
    • ‘Though I know it's a pipe dream, I still fantasize about being a rock star.’
    • ‘But for more and more renters, particularly young city dwellers, the great Australian dream is becoming a pipe dream.’
    • ‘We deserve a system where clean, sustainable energy is something more than a pipe dream for delusional hippies.’
    • ‘So it would be a pipe dream to expect the council to grass it over (although that would look lovely).’
    • ‘Honorable intentions indeed, but looks like a pipe dream.’
    • ‘Until that changes, and people at the grassroots are given a real voice, the goal of sustainable development will remain a pipe dream.’
    • ‘It's a pipe dream that it's going to be what we had hoped a year ago.’
    • ‘As one of the arguments against implementing the protocol, it was argued that ‘sustainability’ is a pipe dream.’
    • ‘Any U.S. thought of winning the Cold War was a pipe dream.’
    • ‘Now the last of these three objectives was obviously a pipe dream.’
    • ‘As long as remunerative prices for crops remain a pipe dream those on the edge will take the ultimate step.’
    fantasy, false hope, illusion, delusion, daydream, unrealizable dream, reverie, mirage, castle in the air, castle in spain, chimera
    pie in the sky
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Late 19th century: referring to a dream experienced when smoking an opium pipe.


pipe dream