Definition of pinky ring in English:

pinky ring

(also pinkie ring)


  • A ring worn on the little finger, especially by a man.

    ‘he wore a seven-carat pinky ring and a diamond-studded watch’
    • ‘They're just a couple of fun dudes who like shorts and topsiders with an occasional gold pinky ring.’
    • ‘The singer posted his own pics of his sexy look for the night, complete with a diamond and sapphire pinky ring.’
    • ‘The five then stole the gold chain, the medallion and a gold pinkie ring, police said.’
    • ‘No bad guy is complete without a pinky ring.’
    • ‘Notably missing, however, was the giant pinky ring she showed off on Wednesday.’
    • ‘Jewelry Tips for Men: Only lawyers and gangsters should wear pinky rings.’
    • ‘I love the yellow sapphire pinky ring with white diamonds; pinky rings are making a real comeback.’
    • ‘Archie wears his gold and diamond pinkie rings with aplomb.’
    • ‘Men's jewelry is no longer just limited to a couple of styles of necklaces, a collection of pinkie rings and oversized, bulky watches.’
    • ‘I don't dress like Sinatra; no pinkie ring.’