Definition of pink slip in English:

pink slip


North American
  • A notice of dismissal from employment.

    • ‘The computer staff will get pink slips too, but it is reasonable to infer the axe will fall most heavily on software sales and back office workers.’
    • ‘Right around Christmas time, people were receiving pink slips.’
    • ‘The workers given pink slips this week include employees and contractors.’
    • ‘In the Department of Transportation, pink slips will go out to 83 workers, mostly at city parking lots and at the Staten Island ferry, which would see its already crowded rush-hour service reduced by 25 percent.’
    • ‘I intend today's post to answer several lingering questions about what happened yesterday when I lost my job and about events that led up to the final pink slip.’
    • ‘Here is a man so richly deserving of a pink slip that his dismissal on such minor grounds leaves a sour taste.’
    • ‘It's about the emotional trauma suffered by those who get caught-up in the blizzard of pink slips in today's harsh, corporate climate.’
    • ‘Dealers were left with large inventories of parts and no factory support, while thousands of employees received pink slips with their last paychecks three days before Christmas.’
    • ‘The 60-foreign contract workers will be given pink slips once their contracts are up, the company said.’
    • ‘Bank One has recently announced that 5,100 employees will get pink slips.’
    • ‘Across the country, school and hospital personnel are being handed pink slips, environmental protections are being scaled back, unemployment is rising, and our roads and bridges are crumbling.’
    • ‘One week ago, approximately 250 employees received pink slips.’
    • ‘A Thanksgiving Day morale booster for federal air marshals has instead turned into possible pink slips for air cops who ignore their strict dress code.’
    • ‘We're sure the company could use some refinements, but we doubt the 1700 admin, marketing and support staff about to get pink slips will be too happy about it.’
    • ‘The company declined to comment on reports that as many as one in ten of its 160,000 US employees could receive pink slips.’
    • ‘When so many workers are given pink slips at once, it gets in the news - and the labor department, which tracks this data, reports that there were more than 2,000 mass layoffs last year.’
    • ‘Analog initially estimated that 509 employees would receive pink slips, but only 439 workers were ultimately laid off.’
    • ‘There's another reason to be on your best behavior in December: the possibility pink slips will show up in some stockings.’
    • ‘While other city employees have received pink slips, no cops are scheduled to be laid off.’
    • ‘This request for donations came to us the very same week that our activity aides received their pink slips.’


[with object]North American
  • Dismiss (someone) from employment.

    ‘along with thousands of other steelworkers, I got pink-slipped’
    • ‘The wage cuts, dated back to April 1, mean pink-slipped staff will get a bill for overpaid wages as well.’
    • ‘As Brown hears it, when pitching coach Acosta told Baylor of the Newtonian unrest, it was Acosta who was pink-slipped.’
    • ‘The darkest moment came in the spring of 2001, when 400 of his colleagues were pink-slipped.’
    • ‘Being harassed out of the office is no better than being pink-slipped out.’
    • ‘Owner Jerry Jones wasted little time in pink-slipping Dave Smith and hiring Bill Brown, the quintessential fixer-upper.’
    • ‘Alston never quite fits in and is pink-slipped.’


Early 20th century: from the pink paper on which some notices of dismissal were formerly written.


pink slip