Definition of pink gin in English:

pink gin


  • Gin flavoured with angostura bitters.

    • ‘Anyway, I'd made her a couple of large pink gins and, as my sister likes to say, she was a bit laalaaed.’
    • ‘Everybody knew you couldn't get a drink on board an American warship, whereas in Royal Navy wardrooms the pink gins flowed like water.’
    • ‘To the good Major, the Pattaya Mail and all her good readers: a well deserved stiff pink gin to us all.’
    • ‘The senior service, with its white ducks and pink gins, has been pretty much a law unto itself.’
    • ‘For many, however, the prospect of even trying pink nail varnish on your fingers is a step too far and, by now, you may be forgiven for feeling the only pink that will do is a pink gin.’
    • ‘All those former Tory MPs caught in the bushes of St James Park with one of those fine upstanding men must be crying into their pink gins.’
    • ‘You rarely saw one, and when you did it was likely to be when some show-off toff was signing the back of it before tendering it to a wide-eyed barmaid for a pink gin.’
    • ‘It's the kind of phrase that is spluttered out through a spray of pink gin or in a drizzle of descending real ale.’
    • ‘Think of Ealing comedy star Terry Thomas in full-on bounding Major mode, making improper suggestions to the local district nurse over a pink gin.’
    • ‘G&T drinkers will like it, but the pink gin and martini crowd won't be as keen.’
    • ‘All but gone are the grand verandas where plots for novels and more serious misdeeds were hatched over pink gins behind potted palms.’
    • ‘People downed chilled beer, pink gins and energetic old couples jived!’
    • ‘Young was so at ease with his power and patriotism that the former deputy head of MI6 once ordered, between pink gins, the assassination of the president during the crisis.’
    • ‘Dancers wore pink, refreshments were pink, even the drinks were pink - with the odd pink gin clothed in a bottle of spring water.’


pink gin