Definition of pink batt in English:

pink batt


NZ, Australian
  • A panel of fibreglass used in the insulation of buildings.

    ‘the pink batts did funny things to the flammability of roofing’
    • ‘The pink batts in my house keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer and save on my energy bills.’
    • ‘In a separate incident, a DIY-loving burglar broke into a house on Kuripuni Street on Saturday night and stole five packs of pink batts, an assortment of tools and some bathroom fittings.’
    • ‘Might buy some pink batts for the house or part fund some school halls with the cash.’
    • ‘All Labor has left us with is some overpriced/dodgy school halls and flammable pink batts.’
    • ‘The best solution is double brick, but a wall with Pink batts can work wonders.’
    • ‘The pink batts fiasco was clearly a panic reaction by a clueless Labor administration.’
    • ‘He sold his house for $11 million back in October, rejoicing in the fact that he couldn't get that price today even if the pink batts were lined with 24-carat gold.’
    • ‘The ongoing problems with the wasteful stimulus spending on pink batts, school halls and green loans are a Rudd legacy.’
    • ‘Bulk insulation like pink batts is less desirable, because it prevents the house cooling down at night.’
    • ‘Another direct action, often under-appreciated, was to install pink batts in hundreds of thousands of Australian homes.’