Definition of pin something on in English:

pin something on

phrasal verb

  • Attribute the blame or responsibility for something to (someone)

    ‘they pinned the blame for the loss of jobs on the trade unions’
    • ‘As ever, he will try to pin the blame on his so-called editors and sack them whenever he needs to bolster his macho style of management.’
    • ‘Warner was able to portray himself as a courageous politician by raising taxes while at the same time pinning the blame on the Republicans.’
    • ‘Gagliano tried to pin the blame on the bureaucrats responsible.’
    • ‘Actually it was a fun job, and before you go pinning the blame on me for your dinner being interrupted, keep reading.’
    • ‘By pointing out the discrepancies within my country, I do not seek to pin the blame on any one side.’
    • ‘Even the Tories, desperate to pin the blame on the other lot, have been forced to admit that, yes, it was all their idea in the first place.’
    • ‘But, warns Billy Adams in Sydney, it is too easy to pin the blame on arsonists.’
    • ‘He doesn't even have the good grace to scam us by finding a scapegoat to pin the blame on.’
    • ‘In the light of the apparent change in the attitude of Pakistan and certain recent developments, instead of pinning the entire blame on Pakistan, there is need to look within.’
    • ‘In an attempt to shore up his credibility, Chirac tried to distance himself from the referendum debacle by pinning the blame on his prime minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin.’
    • ‘These qualities can occur in any shape of family and in any kind of childcare, so we shouldn't get caught up in pinning the blame on single parents or working mothers - it's the emotional dynamics which count.’
    • ‘But when the situation is not clear, it is important to examine both sides before pinning the blame on the doctor.’
    • ‘The Commission of Inquiry set up to look at the cause of the platform's collapse and the rescue procedures that followed pinned the blame on a hitherto unknown cause, ‘systemic failure’.’
    • ‘Rather than pin the blame on Brown, Murdock claimed the goal should not have stood because of a foul on the teenager.’
    • ‘But pinning the blame on any one person or procedure was difficult.’
    • ‘The latest instalment yesterday saw a carefully orchestrated attempt by Jarvis, the maintenance firm contracted to service the line - and much of Scotland's rail tracks - to pin the blame on a mysterious saboteur.’
    • ‘The CIA has tried to wash its hands off the uranium story by pinning the blame on Britain.’
    • ‘After he is implicated in a tragic accident at work, he goes in search of someone else to pin the blame on.’
    • ‘How easy is it to pin the blame on a senior manager when he is 12 steps above anyone who has seen the bolts on the tracks, or the ferry doors?’
    • ‘Trying to pin the blame on any other individual is a fool's errand.’
    blame something on, lay the blame for something on, attribute something to, impute something to, ascribe something to
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