Definition of pin oak in English:

pin oak


  • A North American oak with clusters of short, spiky twigs and deeply lobed, toothed leaves.

    Quercus palustris, family Fagaceae

    • ‘Among those species that Mohlenbrock lists as occasional to common, those adapted to moist soils tend to be from the red oak group, for example, pin oak and shingle oak.’
    • ‘The one pin oak that remains is a dwarf compared to its possible counterpart growing by Strouble's Creek in good lush, undisturbed soil.’
    • ‘This condition is most common in pin oak and silver maple but can occur in many other tree and shrub species.’
    • ‘While oak wilt is a problem in many states, it is still isolated enough to allow you to consider the pin oak a good option for planting when you have the right spot with the right conditions.’
    • ‘Iron deficiency is common on blueberries, rhododendrons, and pin oaks unless the soil is quite acidic.’