Definition of pin curl in English:

pin curl


  • A curl which has been held by a hairpin while setting.

    • ‘The hair was a perfectly tight pin curl with dramatic dark make-up creating a cutesy-tough image.’
    • ‘Barbel suggests pin curls at night to keep sprightly curls.’
    • ‘There are gestures toward realism - we actually see her in pin curls and an apron - but you'll never mistake this for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’
    • ‘Bobbed hair was set with butterfly clips to set the waves or dinkies to hold pin curls in place.’
    • ‘She also offers intriguing anecdotes about her father - who actually had straight hair - having to have his hair set in pin curls daily before filming by his wife and her mother, Sheila.’
    • ‘The next day Boozer took out the pin curls in the front and formed finger waves, holding them together with clips and holding spray.’
    • ‘Before I removed the pin curls, I applied my make up.’
    • ‘My brother and I would step carefully in the water, staying close to the shore while my mother tucked pin curls into a tight white cap.’
    • ‘There's nothing dark or ironic about that costume and especially the pin curl.’