Definition of pimpmobile in English:



  • A large ostentatious car, of a style associated with pimps.

    ‘he'd equipped the van like a pimpmobile, with cherrywood panelling and shag carpet’
    • ‘It's highly unlikely he's raking in ‘millions’ if he is, he isn't splurging on wardrobe and pimpmobiles.’
    • ‘The band reduces electric boogie and original punk-funk to their sinewy essences, with enough sleaze, sass and drunken merriment to power a pimpmobile.’
    • ‘Hooker, noticing a black guy standing next to his own car while talking to some street girls, brakes, gets out, turns to Romano and says, ‘See if you can run a trace on that pimpmobile.’’
    • ‘His string-quartet concerto, after Handel, delightful though it may be, has as much relation to its originals as a pimpmobile to a plough or as Stravinsky's Pulcinella to ‘Pergolesi.’’
    • ‘By the early 1970s, the Cadillac brand found itself riding around with a trunk full of stereotypes - pimpmobile, welfare Cadillac.’