Definition of pilot whale in English:

pilot whale


  • A toothed whale that has black skin with a grey anchor-shaped marking on the chin, a low dorsal fin, and a square bulbous head.

    Genus Globicephala, family Delphinidae: the short-finned G. macrorhyncus of subtropical waters, and the long-finned G. melas of temperate waters

    Also called blackfish
    • ‘A pilot whale wearing one of National Geographic's Crittercam units surfaces near Hawaii.’
    • ‘Despite their names, some of these are really types of dolphin, as is the short-finned pilot whale.’
    • ‘Length seems to be of biological importance for the common dolphin, the pilot whale, and the harbor porpoise.’
    • ‘Black fish is the local name for the pilot whale, hunted for food, and it reminded me that whaling is still very much a raw issue in these islands.’
    • ‘Some believe it may have been from a pilot whale.’
    • ‘People viewing the marine life may see dusky, hectors and bottlenose dolphins, and sperm, southern right, blue and pilot whales, orca and New Zealand fur seals in a setting of wonderful coastal and mountain scenery.’
    • ‘In addition to humans, gorillas, and a handful of other primates, the only other animal known to live well past its reproductive years is the short-finned pilot whale.’
    • ‘Between May and October, 40 ft sperm whales can be seen off the coast of these pristine volcanic islands, along with thousands of dolphins and - if you're lucky - humpbacks, pilot whales and blue whales.’
    • ‘In June, along the shoreline of Mauritania, in northwest Africa, scientists made a gruesome discovery: the carcasses of 230 dolphins, a pilot whale, and 15 endangered hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles.’
    • ‘The Second Conference of the Parties added harbour porpoises, bottlenose, common, risso's, white-beaked and white-sided dolphins, and the long-finned pilot whale.’
    • ‘The pilot whale, at 6m or so long, swims like a dolphin, displaying at the surface a distinct ‘looping ‘motion that reveals its head and back above the sea.’’
    • ‘In addition to killing over 200 fin and minke whales, Greenlandic hunters also kill a large, but unknown, number of small whales each year, including belugas, narwhals, pilot whales and orcas.’
    • ‘A pilot whale and some Risso's dolphins add to the list of unusual sightings.’
    • ‘In Taiji, the meat from a pilot whale sells for the yen equivalent of $12,000.’
    • ‘‘But if it's only labelled ‘whale’ it might be pilot whale or even dolphin.’
    • ‘Some species such as the pilot whale can dive to depths of nearly 2,000 feet.’
    • ‘Blunt-headed, it could be mistaken for a pilot whale but for its dolphin hallmark, the sharp, recurved dorsal fin.’
    • ‘The researchers determined that 137 of the samples came from nine species of toothed whales, including false killer whales, pilot whales, and several species of dolphins and porpoises.’
    • ‘A large model of a pilot whale, filled with water, was used in the mock stranding exercise.’
    • ‘‘We've saved a pilot whale in the same vicinity in recent years they seem to be more vulnerable to stranding in North and West Kerry,’ he said.’


pilot whale