Definition of pillar-box red in English:

pillar-box red


mass nounBritish
  • A bright red colour, like that in which pillar boxes are painted.

    • ‘They were nothing more then moving dots, and if anything my new position just made them more unidentifiable, but I still opened my pillar-box red lunch box and retrieved a handful of Paddle Pops.’
    • ‘The show-off specimens today, though, are the Japanese maples in Acer Glade and Silk Wood: pillar-box red, fuchsia pink, Jaffa orange.’
    • ‘Mr Chamberlain, whose hair is usually brown, is now sporting a pillar-box red barnet and what's more, he's been running around the nearby villages with the unusual hairdo.’
    • ‘I did dye my hair red, pillar-box red, twice, once when I was about 15, once about a month ago.’
    • ‘There is such a resemblance that letters have even been found in the pillar-box red bin in Easingwold.’
    • ‘They were an emergency service. That's why they were painted pillar-box red.’
    • ‘The new owners are likely to change little in the two main reception rooms, which are located off an entrance hall decorated in pillar-box red and featuring particularly fine ceiling plasterwork.’
    • ‘Whether it is tomato, scarlet, pillar-box red or poppy, red works.’
    • ‘It was all bright reds and blues and yellows, the chorus girls kicking up their legs in unison and smiling ear to ear with identical pillar-box red lips and blinding white teeth.’


pillar-box red