Definition of piledriving in English:


adjective & noun

  • See piledriver

    • ‘I don't mean to come down too hard, because they still know how to deliver a good piledriving riff.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Bradford Council said: ‘We are currently in negotiation with the developer's solicitors to try to reduce the impact piledriving is having on neighbours in Grange Close.’’
    • ‘It's a mood reflected in a set of lyrics that grapple with the doubts and regrets of middle age - as Mould laments on the piledriving opener ‘Circles,’ ‘my circle of friends is shrinking’.’
    • ‘For real saturation, nothing beats the psychic piledriving of commercials.’
    • ‘‘Hurricane Designed for People’ follows with stuttering verses and a kinetic sledgehammer of a chorus packed with piledriving bass and drums.’