Definition of pilcrow in English:



  • A symbol (¶) used to mark a new paragraph or section of text.

    ‘early printed books were designed to accommodate hand-drawn rubrications, including spaces at the beginning of each section for a pilcrow’
    • ‘I accidentally did something while typing and now I have a pilcrow popping up everywhere!’
    • ‘If you click on the pilcrow on your toolbar (looks like a backwards P) it will turn on the Show/Hide button, which will reveal a paragraph mark after the table.’
    • ‘Over time, the paragraph was afforded a new line, so that the pilcrows aligned along the left of a column.’
    • ‘Word will not allow you to delete that paragraph mark (pilcrow) because it is a part of the document's table format.’
    • ‘Tabs appear as little arrows, spaces look like dots, and Enters appear as pilcrows (paragraph marks).’
    • ‘Further down the margin, the manicule is used together with a pilcrow in the text.’
    • ‘Aside from the keyboard, you have three buttons: one for formatting, indicated by a pilcrow; an "Insert" button for inserting external elements into your document; and a "Done" button that puts the keyboard away.’
    • ‘Remove pilcrows that might be creating the extra space.’
    • ‘What's up with all the pilcrows in the print magazine?’
    • ‘Also known as the paragraph mark, the pilcrow, for such a humble, rarely used mark, has a surprisingly complex history.’


Late Middle English: apparently from a variant of paragraph, remodelled after the more familiar words pill and crow.