Definition of pikeman in English:



  • 1The keeper of a turnpike.

    • ‘However, at most gates they would employ a pikeman to collect the tolls and would allow for this cost in their bid for the lease.’
    • ‘The work of the pikemen they employed is described in evidence to a Select Committee in 1836.’
  • 2A soldier armed with a pike.

    • ‘He organised his troops, placing the shields before the pikemen and the spearmen.’
    • ‘The firepower of an infantry company was increased by a third as the pikemen were phased out and issued with muskets and bayonets.’
    • ‘He was an unlimited supreme commander, but he also risked loss of blood along with his most humble pikeman.’
    • ‘A collection of spearmen, pikemen, and ordinary guards rushed through the hallways.’
    • ‘The English Civil War Society will re-enact the fierce fighting between Roundheads and Cavaliers with musketeers and pikemen in the High Street at 6pm on Saturday June 19 and 3pm on Sunday June 20.’