Definition of pigsty in English:



  • 1A pen or enclosure for a pig or pigs.

    • ‘There were ducks in the duck pond and pigs in the pigsty and he loved the look of it.’
    • ‘It's a mixture of habitable buildings, several disused farms, cowsheds and what was probably once a pigsty.’
    • ‘Apparently, what my uncle's group had thought was something fairly high powered for the 12th century, and had evidence of metalworking, was in fact a pigsty.’
    • ‘One school in Jiuting Town of Songjiang District was formerly a pigsty.’
    • ‘Other sections have been vandalized, covered in graffiti and ripped up for use in pigsties and coal mines.’
    • ‘The laborers effectively replant and rebuild their plots of land or pigsties.’
    • ‘Top of my priority list for the spring is the transformation of an ugly garden shed originally built as a pigsty.’
    • ‘The sunlight dripped through the open window, casting its golden rays over the pigsty.’
    • ‘As reported by Reuters, for example, the European Union directive supposedly required farmers to ‘put a football, metal chains or hay in their pigsties.’’
    • ‘The police helicopter passed over the pigsties; we waved just in case Nigel and Parvez were on board.’
    • ‘It was built by squire John Walter Barry in 1883 as a pigsty for his two sows.’
    • ‘Thus Bridget descends by parachute into a pigsty full of excrement, struggles hopelessly on skis, and gets drenched by passing London lorries.’
    • ‘When we arrived at the pigsty it was a different sight altogether.’
    • ‘There was much more room outside, with outbuildings where hay was stored, pigsties, a flower garden and a vegetable patch.’
    • ‘The accolade meant the impressive cascade had come a long way since the site was used as a pigsty during the Second World War.’
    • ‘During the Cultural Revolution the peasants living nearby used the material for building homes, pigsties and farm buildings.’
    • ‘On their journey back with the clock, their van is hijacked and the lads are locked in a pigsty.’
    • ‘We lived in a one-room bedsit, shared a kitchen, had no bathroom and used an outdoor earth closet adjoining the pigsty.’
    • ‘The sheep-barn and the pigsty were empty, but intact.’
    • ‘Special paintings were made for almost all the rooms in a household, even chicken sheds and pigsties were hung with auspicious pictures.’
    complete mess, pigsty
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    1. 1.1A very dirty or untidy house or room.
      ‘she was fed up with living in a pigsty’
      • ‘Fussy Felix is a neat-freak whose wife has just thrown him out of their house, and Oscar is a placid slob who has wallowed in his pigsty apartment ever since his divorce.’
      • ‘Not that my place is a pigsty but putting things away that have lingered on tables for a little while is a necessity I feel for a number of guests like this.’
      • ‘He likes to be organised - ‘the boys tease me about it, but it helps’ - and his peg is a picture of neatness next to Ricky Ponting's pigsty in the dressing room.’
      • ‘Then, he refers to the Holbrooks as animals and to their house as a pigsty.’
      • ‘I'm a terrible mess and create a pigsty wherever I go.’
      • ‘Their house is a virtual pigsty of junk, either for sale or as part of Fred's personal collection.’
      • ‘Marie had insisted on tidying up Dylan's room, she said that it was worse than a pigsty.’
      • ‘Rubbing my eyes, I tossed on a T-shirt that was about three sizes too big and a pair of cargo capris, pulling my hair into a ragged ponytail as I left my pigsty of a room.’
      • ‘He said the house was a pigsty, the biggest mess ever.’
      • ‘If you want to live in a pigsty then don't do anything with your house, but if you want to make it nice for yourself you get penalised.’
      • ‘The house was a pigsty and we tried to do all we could to make things better.’
      • ‘I smacked him in the head and went hunting for some clothes to wear in the junk-infested pigsty he called his room.’
      • ‘It's a bit like saying you continue to live in a pigsty because no one comes to visit your house.’
      • ‘But they didn't know what was frowned upon by society, obviously, because they're house was a pigsty.’
      • ‘Tons of work to do and my house is turning into a pigsty.’
      • ‘Surely, they have a right to more than pigsties for living space?’
      • ‘‘Have fun cleaning your dump,’ laughed Treena knowing what a pigsty Pheobe's room usually is.’
      • ‘Maybe she could move in with her brother, but remembering what a pigsty her brother's house is, she knew she'd be left to pick up after his mess.’
      • ‘I missed my pigsty of a room, the drone of football practice after school, and everything else that had, before, made my life a living nightmare.’
      • ‘It treads a fine line between being a traditional boozer and a downright dirty pigsty.’
      hovel, slum, shack, mess
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