Definition of piggy in English:



  • A child's word for a pig or piglet.

    • ‘‘Come piggies,’ he calls to a family of plump Red River hogs.’
    • ‘We must seems like a bunch of little piggies in the pens to these people.’
    • ‘One of the guys knew a guy that owed him a favor so acquiring the piggies was no problem.’
    • ‘She was a pudgy little lady, who looked just like a piggy, right down to skin color.’
    • ‘I know a bunch of the piggies ' secrets and I feel happy about that.’
    • ‘The piggies have been running around outside all the time so should be tasty.’
    • ‘Who knew so much would be riding on a little piggy?’
    • ‘Do the programme's traumatised snakes and hunted piggies count?’
    • ‘No, darling, that has nothing to do with piggies.’
    • ‘It works like a dose of porcine valium, calming the piggies down and rendering them distinctly friendly.’
    • ‘‘Well, have fun,’ David said. ‘And give the piggies my love.’’
    • ‘Some in cities are emptying their piggy banks, while others in rural areas are selling their piggies.’
    • ‘‘I'm so not in spandex ’, I shouted back as I trotted up the stairs like a little piggy going to the sausage factory.’
    • ‘‘I don't sing three little piggies go to market,’ says Sarah.’
    • ‘These little piggies were so damned delightful, and they were running around playing like frisky kittens.’
    • ‘Now imagine the combined power of thousands of piggies packed into a single building, with each swine producing 10 pounds of waste per day.’
    hog, boar, sow, porker, swine, piglet
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  • Resembling a pig, especially in features or appetite.

    ‘three pairs of little piggy eyes’
    • ‘Up and down the country, arts faculties swarm with undergraduates pretending to be overeducated comedians pretending to be in-bred shopkeepers with little piggy noses.’
    • ‘I heard just about everyone gasp, saw a few women fainting, and the bishop's piggy eyes widen in shock.’
    • ‘They were very small, almost piggy, but had a piercing quality that seemed to look right through you.’
    • ‘Ashley knew a threat when she heard it, and ran away as fast as her piggy legs could carry her.’
    • ‘Her piggy eyes were too glued to the money to pay any attention to me though of course I took precautions anyway.’
    • ‘IT has been compared to an angry ant, a sawn-off shotgun and a wild boar, its twin headlights shining like angry piggy eyes.’
    • ‘At this the man who had captured Darren became suddenly alert, his piggy little eyes narrowing.’
    • ‘One was big and burly, with piggy little eyes and a big lower lip that hung down.’
    • ‘They have tiny, piggy eyes that seem to follow me with suspicion.’
    • ‘Her face was fat and puffy and her piggy eyes were enveloped by her cheeks.’
    • ‘Hannah laughed her piggy laugh again then smiled sweetly too.’
    • ‘It regards you balefully from little piggy eyes.’
    • ‘His piggy eyes, deep set and sunken in his fat, pink head, glinted like Mercury marbles and darted left and right in confusion.’
    • ‘He is plump, with piggy little eyes and not much hair, and he wears a suit and cufflinks and scent.’
    • ‘‘You should always read Chaucer aloud,’ said a young woman with long frizzy hair, little piggy eyes behind little pink piggy spectacles and an overbearingly loud voice.’
    • ‘She was tall, had a stern face and piggy little eyes, and was wearing a pink plastic mac.’
    • ‘If I have to leave, I'm not getting ready to go with your little piggy eyes watching me.’
    • ‘Bernard stood by the door and watched him, his piggy little eyes searching for a hint of a blush, a tear, a tremor.’
    • ‘It was the movement of a small, fat, middle aged woman with a scarlet complexion, piggy eyes and a collapsing perm.’
    • ‘The presenter was one of those creepy guys with piggy eyes, moist hands and a face that just ached to be slapped.’
    unquenchable, unappeasable, uncontrollable, voracious, prodigious, gluttonous, greedy, hungry, ravenous, ravening, wolfish, avid, eager, keen
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  • piggy (also pig) in the middle

    • 1A game in which two people attempt to throw a ball to each other without a third person in the middle catching it.

      • ‘We spend many evening hours playing piggy-in-the-middle with them.’
      • ‘She said: ‘One day we brought a football and played soccer, ball games and piggy in the middle with the children.’’
      • ‘Pegasus and I were playing piggy in the middle with Faith, she was in the middle.’
      • ‘I mostly play games with the children like rounders and piggy in the middle.’
      • ‘After playing piggy-in-the-middle with the children, we have breakfast at about 7.30am.’
      1. 1.1A person who is placed in an awkward situation between two others.
        ‘I don't want to be piggy in the middle between Guido and Silvia’
        • ‘I just wish they could send the public on a course to tell them that receptionists are human too, and are normally playing piggy in the middle between the boss and the public.’
        • ‘Sterling has been piggy in the middle between the dollar and the euro.’
        • ‘We are very much piggy in the middle as we have to go along with what the council decides, but we don't believe bikers' lives will be risked by the in-fill.’
        • ‘And as ever, the UN is playing piggy in the middle.’
        • ‘When you become a stepparent, you find yourself not just playing Piggy in the Middle between your partner and his/her children, but often between your partner and his/her ex, your partner and your ex, your partner and your children, your children and your partner's children.’
        • ‘I am piggy in the middle at this point in time, passing diluted and sanitised versions of opinions over the phone between husband up to his eye balls at work, and plumber up a step ladder.’
        • ‘It gets me so cross because they are like piggy in the middle, and can't do right for doing wrong.’
        • ‘He said: 'I have always been playing piggy-in-the-middle between the computer-science people and the applications people.’