Definition of piggery in English:



  • 1A farm where pigs are bred or kept.

    • ‘It will also grow and package mushrooms and sweet beet, mostly to be used as fodder in its piggery.’
    • ‘The other districts have hammer mills, piggeries, oil extracting machines and vegetable gardens and are also involved in other agricultural projects.’
    • ‘This site used to be a piggery 20 years ago and it already had buildings on it when we moved here, so how can it be Green Belt?’
    • ‘To use up surplus whey he erected a piggery that produced pigs good enough to fetch top market dollar.’
    • ‘Once Crowe Farm had been a thriving piggery but the buildings had become derelict.’
    • ‘Yet according to official statistics, these small piggeries account for 30 per cent of all the pig farms in Shanghai.’
    • ‘Mr Nielsen, who runs a piggery and asparagus farm, claimed he had been unable to harvest 30 per cent of his asparagus, worth $1 million, due to a shortage of pickers.’
    • ‘Measures will include shifting the piggeries to avoid the possibility of more serious problems with run-off in the future.’
    • ‘The claimant gave uncontested evidence about the agricultural use of the defendant's premises, which include what was formerly a piggery and about 25 acres of grassland.’
    • ‘All the piggeries empty their waste into the ponds where shrimp and grass-carp are raised for the table.’
    • ‘I lived on a farm for 7 years, and worked in a piggery part time for two years.’
    • ‘In order to realise the dream of food security, the centre will run a banana plantation, a piggery and chicken run to feed the orphans.’
    • ‘For example, a small piggery on flat land next to a wetland could have a much more significant environmental effect than a large extension to an existing coal mine.’
    • ‘I converted the piggery into a workshop for the restoration of antique furniture and that business prospered for 22 years but that is another story!’
    • ‘As to the farm it was a small acreage with a few rows of growing vegetables, centered with a chicken coop of a few laying chickens, a barn with couple of milking cows and a piggery populated by a large brood of grunting pigs.’
    • ‘Its annoyance results in the reduction of milk and or meat production in dairy, poultry and piggery farms.’
    • ‘More recently the stable block was used to house race horses and a piggery.’
    • ‘The court heard that at the piggery, farmers regularly drew off slurry to spread on their lands.’
    • ‘That said, of course the other area of factory farming is intensive piggeries, and broiler farms.’
    • ‘Officially, the number of piggeries rose from 4 in 1940 to 87 in 1945.’
    1. 1.1 A pigsty.
  • 2mass noun Behaviour regarded as characteristic of pigs in greed or unpleasantness.

    ‘the piggery of a midnight supper’
    • ‘You're oblivious to the piggery of it.’
    • ‘Good news on the pedometer - I should probably keep using mine, since I keep lapsing into moments of utter piggery.’
    • ‘The club secretary remained calm in the face of this assault on male chauvinist piggery.’