Definition of pigeon's milk in English:

pigeon's milk


mass noun
  • A secretion from a pigeon's crop, which it regurgitates and feeds to its young.

    • ‘The second pigeon accomplishment is the production of pigeon's milk.’
    • ‘The parent pigeons are almost unique since they feed the infants on a secretion of the crop known as pigeon's milk.’
    • ‘In just under three weeks the babies hatch and are fed on special pigeon's milk which is a curd-like substance produced in the crops of both parents.’
    • ‘Pigeon's milk begins to be produced a couple of days before the eggs are due.’
    • ‘Pigeon's milk, a cheesy secretion of the crop lining rich in fat, protein, and vitamins (like mammals' milk), is regulated by the same pituitary hormone that controls milk secretion in mammals.’