Definition of Pig Islander in English:

Pig Islander


NZ, Australian
  • A person from New Zealand.

    ‘if you want a smack in the mouth, call one of the locals a Pig Islander’
    • ‘It made her, she used to say, 'a real Pig Islander'.’
    • ‘If someone calls you Pommy there is no reason why you shouldn't retaliate with Pig-Islander—but remember to smile when you say it!’
    • ‘"Hullo mate, Pig Islander? How long have you been here?"’
    • ‘He stayed here to become, as he says himself, more pig-islander than the pig-islanders.’
    • ‘"Pig Islander!" rejoined Reginald, but without rancour.’
    • ‘We kept the exchange going for as long as we could before we ran out of pig islander words.’
    • ‘He referred to himself more freely as a 'full blooded pig islander'.’


Early 20th century: from the islands' large population of wild pigs, thought to be descended from domestic ones introduced by Captain Cook.