Definition of pig dog in English:

pig dog


  • 1NZ Australian A dog bred for hunting wild pigs.

    ‘crossbreeds between dingoes and pig dogs can be dangerous’
    • ‘He heard the bikes start up, could not see who was on them, but saw two "pig dog type" dogs following the bikes along a steep track.’
    • ‘Poison baiting or trapping carries the risk of killing native animals, and hunting with pig dogs is cruel.’
    • ‘Hunters with rifles and pig dogs will soon be patrolling national parks as a cheap way of ridding Queensland of feral pests.’
    • ‘My German Shepherd got up the duff with the big, brutal pig dog from over the paddocks due to the ex leaving the gate open.’
    • ‘Getting close to eight years old, Tiny is a "semi-retired" pig dog who loves living on the tranquil island with its 15 or so inhabitants.’
    • ‘Pig dogs that fail to perform are often abandoned in the outback by their owners.’
    • ‘As he is talking to the farmer, he notices a pig dog with a wooden leg.’
    • ‘If you hunt, there is a place for the odd pig dog.’
    • ‘Many of the wild domestic dogs in Australia are mixed European domestics and so-called pig dogs, which are bred to hunt wild boars.’
    • ‘He trained pig dogs and went pig hunting for local farmers.’
  • 2derogatory, informal A contemptible person.

    ‘don't vote for a bunch of capitalist pig dogs’
    • ‘No matter what, that pig-dog is going to keep you locked up, like a prisoner in a dungeon, forever!’
    • ‘I'm thinking, "How in god's name are you married, when you were always such a pig-dog?"’
    • ‘We have the two villains: the greedy imperialist pig-dog already mentioned and the cool Evil Lord figure.’
    • ‘His shirt really was in bad taste but not because he's some sort of "sexist pigdog," as one critic called him.’
    • ‘I have disproven your silly pig-dog notions about his victory being gratuitous.’