Definition of piffling in English:



  • Trivial; unimportant:

    ‘it was recorded in a basement for a piffling two grand’
    • ‘The only weak point, and it's piffling, is the dodgy soundtrack.’
    • ‘On a slow week you can top the charts with a piffling 30,000 sales.’
    • ‘Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the following picturesque piffling places.’
    • ‘This is a piffling amount, considering the millions of pounds of public lottery cash which has been spent on fabulous reconstructions of the city's cultural palaces.’
    • ‘You also then get the option to have all your documents backed up every night for a piffling extra £3 a month.’
    • ‘For all the bluster, Britain's ‘refugee crisis’ remains piffling compared to the size of the true environmental problem.’
    • ‘Don't sacrifice a hard-won legacy and long-term strength for piffling short-term gain.’
    • ‘Although they lost a piffling $100,000 on the unintended sale, some industry experts feel it is a small price to pay for the kind of publicity the airline website got.’
    • ‘For instance, it has 84.84 calories per 100g, compared with a piffling 51 Ca for blueberries, 37 for strawberries and 49 for raspberries.’
    • ‘Of our teenagers, 40 per cent have been dead drunk more than 10 times in the past 12 months, compared with a piffling seven per cent of French teenagers.’
    • ‘It's important because whether we like it or not, an unstoppable and inevitable change is about to begin that will make all the previous technological advances seem piffling.’
    • ‘Australia itself does not even have any long bridges - the longest in the country is still the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is absolutely piffling by international standards.’
    • ‘I'm from some piffling town in the Ottawa Valley.’
    • ‘And, once again, I discovered that while my journey into work may last only a piffling ten minutes, in some cases it can seem like an eternity.’
    • ‘Her minor, piffling persona and relatively plain features render her ineffective as a fiery femme fatale.’
    • ‘This amounts to a piffling seventy pence per grand invested per year - wow, I'd like some of that!’
    • ‘Besides revealing our solar system to be far more cluttered than astronomers had suspected, these piffling objects are providing new clues about what conditions were like during the system's infancy.’
    • ‘Despite this, he was sentenced for causing death by careless driving, a piffling little charge when you consider how many lives he has shattered.’
    • ‘The business of government, or at least its public presentation, is grinding to a halt because of something which, at the end of the day, is pretty piffling.’
    • ‘It's left mostly to the actors to bring the premise to life, recreating the piffling small talk, self-congratulation and unease that are the chump change of real-life social intercourse.’
    inadequate, insufficient, tiny, small, minimal, trifling, paltry, pitiful
    miserly, miserable
    negligible, token, nominal
    insulting, derisory, contemptible, outrageous
    ridiculous, laughable, ludicrous, risible, preposterous, absurd
    measly, stingy, lousy, pathetic, piddling, mingy, poxy
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