Definition of piffle in English:


noun & exclamation

  • [mass noun] Nonsense:

    ‘it's absolute piffle to say that violence is ok’
    • ‘And yet you know this is just more empty-headed piffle.’
    • ‘It isn't the sort of promotional piffle that usually finds its way onto DVD releases.’
    • ‘In the grand scheme of things, our 300,000 people is a mere piffle.’
    • ‘This sort of elitist piffle doubtless does wonders for the ego of those who espouse it, while pre-emptively discounting contrary opinions, which by definition originate in a philistine mindset.’
    • ‘His conclusion may be largely correct - how he claims to arrive there is a pyramid of piffle.’
    • ‘Can it really be true that he himself pens this trite piffle?’
    • ‘I read a lot of facts most of which seemed absolute piffle, but I do think I ended up thinking that perhaps a properly controlled hunt is the best way of getting rid of a pest.’
    • ‘I guess in scary times such as those that are upon us now, we need diverting bits of piffle to raise our spirits.’
    • ‘So much for the strategic plan and the visionaries who drafted it, not to mention subsequent strategic plans whose piffle is somewhat more restrained, but no more helpful.’
    • ‘A few relics of the pre-video area still survive, however, and Metro Cinema is bringing in two of the best examples of the rockumentary and one entertaining piece of piffle from those bygone days for your delectation.’
    • ‘I won't mention what this trite, simplistic, sloganeering piffle moves me to, but it has nothing to do with naming children.’
    • ‘While I was waiting for him to call, I grew more and more afraid that he'd get angry at me for wasting his time with piffle.’
    • ‘But there's a daunting heap of whimsical fairy-land nonsense and idiotic eastern-flavoured piffle to struggle through before you get to the bits you're likely to remember.’
    • ‘Will you stop interrupting me with such piffle?’
    • ‘But, in practice, a government can make up any old piffle and call a poll to suit its own agenda.’
    • ‘I can't keep writing this piffle about this area alone, you know.’
    • ‘Yeah, I know, it's piffle, but it gives me a way to go forward.’
    • ‘This will be easy enough if you're a regular reader and thus fairly familiar with the sort of piffle I write here - but even if this isn't the case, give it a go.’
    • ‘Talking sentimental piffle, he staggers over to Isobel before I had time to react.’
    • ‘I have long been of the opinion that a considerable amount of piffle is spoken and written about the Irish language and the place and status it should have in our culture.’
    nonsense, rubbish, garbage, claptrap, balderdash, blather, blether, moonshine
    foolishness, silliness
    rot, tripe, hogwash, baloney, drivel, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, guff, eyewash, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, twaddle, dribble
    cobblers, codswallop, stuff and nonsense, tosh, cack
    flapdoodle, blathers, applesauce, wack, bushwa
    bunkum, tommyrot, cod, gammon, toffee
    bullshit, crap, balls
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Mid 19th century: diminutive of imitative piff-.