Definition of pietistic in English:



  • See pietism

    • ‘By 1865 politicians realized that bishops and priests largely avoided even informal electoral endorsements of any kind - they were far less active than pietistic Protestants, as the annals of temperance and anti-slavery demonstrate.’
    • ‘The idea of a third way was intrinsic to mid-19 th-century German ‘mediating theology,’ which blended confessional, pietistic and liberal elements.’
    • ‘I envied the refugees from behind the iron curtain who sat next to me in the flight with their noses flattened against the windowpanes, their pietistic eyes peeled open to sight the Goddess of Liberty.’
    • ‘The girls were always very friendly - but I was always a bit suspicious of their pietistic fervour.’
    • ‘In order to attain their salvation, they also had to be honest, gentle, obedient, merciful, filially pietistic, and patient - all attributes of the perfect wife and mother.’