Definition of Piesporter in English:



mass noun
  • A white Moselle wine produced in the Piesport region of Germany.

    • ‘Wine made from the village of Piesport is called Piesporter, and Piesporter just happens to be one of the most bastardized names in all of German wine.’
    • ‘If you are looking for a light sweet white wine, try the Piesporter.’
    • ‘Retail stores bought thousands of cases of Liebfraumilch and Piesporter Michelsberg. They were sweet, light, fruity, and the perfect starting place for palates unaccustomed to dry wines.’
    • ‘Our uninvited guest arrived with a half-bottle of extremely palatable Piesporter wine.’
    • ‘We chose a German Piesporter which tends to be a semi-sweet wine.’