Definition of Pierrot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪərəʊ//ˈpjɛrəʊ/


  • A stock male character in French pantomime, with a sad white-painted face, a loose white costume, and a pointed hat.

    • ‘As the clown Pierrot, he embodies unrequited love.’
    • ‘Instead, in hopped a full-size Pierrot, in his conventional white garment with the big black pompons and the peaked hat.’
    • ‘Pierrot and Columbine are not far away, neither is turmoil, nor humour.’
    • ‘But while the most appealing of clowns is Pierrot, pale, lean and dreamy, with cooks, at least until recently, the popular one was the fat guy.’
    • ‘"So will I, for I want to dance, and I am sure I shall make you laugh as Pierrot."’
    • ‘It is a series of dances for commedia dell'arte characters including Columbine, Harlequin, and Pierrot.’
    • ‘He looks like a bizarre Pierrot.’
    • ‘The dress of Pierrot might conceal some other man, but certainly no one that I could have seen in this place without horror.’
    • ‘I had to take a decision, for I could not pass the whole night in my costume of Pierrot, and without speaking.’


French, diminutive of the male given name Pierre ‘Peter’.