Definition of pied wagtail in English:

pied wagtail


  • A bird of a black-and-white race of the white wagtail, found in the British Isles, Spain, and Morocco.

    Motacilla alba yarrelli, family Motacillidae

    • ‘Then a pair of pied wagtails take over and spend hours trawling the grass for insect life, especially those hapless creatures that fall from the oak tree in search of a safe place down in the grass roots in which to over-winter.’
    • ‘To the majority of nurserymen, pied wagtails are hardly welcome because they foul tomatoes, and chrysanthemums and carnation blooms.’
    • ‘A survey of the birds who visited the cemetery in 1999 recorded blue tits, bull finches, pied wagtails and wood pigeons.’
    • ‘Wild creatures, such as the pied wagtail, use the longer grass for nesting.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the country an exceptionally large reedbed roost in Hampshire once held over 180 grey wagtails in company with 100 pied wagtails.’