Definition of pied noir in English:

pied noir

nounPlural pieds noirs

  • A person of European origin who lived in Algeria during French rule, especially one who returned to Europe after Algeria was granted independence.

    • ‘The wine industry was revolutionized in the 1960s with the repatriation of many French pieds noirs from Algeria.’
    • ‘It has seen much immigration - Italian, Portuguese, pieds noirs, have all settled here as a result of the world wars and the war in Algeria.’
    • ‘The colons, or pieds noirs, in Algeria hoped that, given the stakes, the nationalistic de Gaulle would uphold their claim to l' Algérie française, but they were soon disappointed.’
    • ‘Algeria presented an acute problem because the overall prospects for eventual integration of the French community - the pieds noirs - within an independent FLN-controlled state were not bright.’
    • ‘In the same vein, deeming the repatriation to France of the pieds noirs (the European settlers in Algeria) and their integration into metropolitan society to have been ‘smooth’ is, at best, an exaggeration.’


French, literally ‘black foot’, so named because of the western-style black leather shoes worn by the first colonists.


pied noir

/pjeɪ ˈnwɑː//pje nwaʀ/