Definition of pieceworker in English:



  • See piecework

    • ‘But despite their celebrity, the efforts of the champions closely resemble those of the smallest cog in the societal machinery: the factory pieceworker.’
    • ‘He sees the writer beginning as a cultural worker, a pieceworker in a cottage industry, who must enter into a ‘fiduciary’ relationship with agents and publishers, middlemen, in order to find an audience and earn a living.’
    • ‘These pieceworkers are hired to perform work at a job site such as installing drywall or tape to a particular number of homes.’
    • ‘Mexicans were horrified to learn that perishing inside those structures were hundreds of hyperexploited seamstresses and other pieceworkers crammed into more than 500 illegal sweatshops.’
    • ‘His back was thick enough for toting an oaken ice box, and he would most likely be voiceless, a mute acceptor of direction, of order, a pure pieceworker whose every dollar earned, you could bet, would be quaffed off before nightfall.’