Definition of piece of work in English:

piece of work


  • A person of a specified kind, especially an unpleasant one.

    ‘he's a nasty piece of work’
    • ‘We were always told at school that Richard I was the nice one and John was the nasty piece of work.’
    • ‘He was a nasty piece of work and generally was avoided by the other prisoners who knew his reputation.’
    • ‘She's not a nasty piece of work like so many presenters are, but she's very high - maintenance.’
    • ‘It was bad enough that families had to fend off the floodwater, but then they had to fend off those nasty pieces of work who sought to take advantage.’
    • ‘Time will tell if I'm right or not but I reckon he's a very nasty piece of work.’
    • ‘From this basic anti-social culture, some develop into real nasty pieces of work.’
    • ‘Add to this a splash of alcoholism, a dash of paranoia and a dose of misogyny, and you have a pretty nasty piece of work.’
    • ‘A homeless man was doubly unlucky when he was hit by a female drunk driver because she turned out to be a really nasty piece of work.’
    • ‘She may well tell us, for instance, that Mr Brown is a nasty piece of work, and that Mrs Green will one day be declared a saint.’
    • ‘They are nasty pieces of work, no doubt, but they are by no stretch of the imagination a threat to civilised society.’