Definition of piece of water in English:

piece of water


  • A small lake or pond.

    • ‘Segrino is one of the small pieces of water at the southern end of Lake Como.’
    • ‘Except for the large number of trailered boats heading skyward, there seemed to be no particular reason to expect a usable piece of water 6,700 feet above sea level - yet there it was.’
    • ‘You can only fish the little piece of water just in front of you, some ten yards square really.’
    • ‘We ended up sitting close next to each other beneath that willow tree, watching the sunset over that little piece of water.’
    • ‘The Corryvreckan is a treacherous piece of water but there are times when it resembles a flat-calm swimming pool.’
    • ‘It seemed that, while accepting the presence of the mature ducks on the same piece of water, they regarded the additional ducklings as a threat to their territory and possible food supplies which called for eliminating tactics.’
    • ‘It's a wonderful piece of water, I never tire of it.’
    • ‘They live in the third largest piece of water in the country, and have only a few dedicated anglers pursuing them.’
    • ‘For now, I can report that just about every piece of water that you are likely to drive over or past has a good chance of containing trout, and pretty good fish at that.’
    • ‘The mountains surrounding this picturesque piece of water stretched high into the sky, the tips decorated with freshly fallen snow.’