Definition of piece goods in English:

piece goods

plural noun

  • Fabrics woven in standard lengths for sale.

    ‘factories processing piece goods of Indian origin’
    • ‘Among other amenities, the two-story facility includes a piece goods storage area, cutting room and five-station CAD / CAM department.’
    • ‘The company offered rectangular versions of the scarves for use as sarongs, as well as fringed piece goods in a variety of fibers.’
    • ‘In the ensuing years, he acquired the Bleachery and expanded cloth production to bleached and unbleached cotton piece goods, muslins, jeans, toiles, Canton flannels, grey goods, moleskins and rayons.’
    • ‘Some sectors of Japanese industry had reached the highest world standards but this applied mainly to consumer products: cotton piece goods, silk goods, toys, matches, and so on.’
    • ‘‘In addition,’ he continues, ‘what happened economically in this country was that labor went up, and we had a problem with piece goods.’
    • ‘It's also been argued that Canadian producers have had an extra advantage over their U.S. counterparts because they have been able to buy high-quality imported woolen piece goods less expensively.’
    • ‘Beyond design, the program can track piece goods purchases, the development of line calendars and cost sheets for individual styles, and the necessary approvals needed to make changes throughout the product development process.’
    • ‘The internet company is a global marketplace that is designed to enable apparel and home furnishings manufacturers to efficiently source piece goods, trims and accessories all over the world.’
    • ‘The articles include spices, English piece goods, metal vessels, English iron, sugar, tobacco, fruits, bamboos, hides and other miscellaneous items.’
    • ‘However, depending on the actual product and the piece goods, we have seen that it's possible to accommodate a 20 percent to 25 percent increase in the cost of the fabric and still net a 10 percent to 12 percent landed duty paid cost reduction.’
    • ‘Focusing on industry changes, he points out that more customers want to purchase components delivered in specific quantities to designated plants, rather than buy piece goods and maintain huge inventories.’
    • ‘Strive to establish excellent banking relationships to strengthen your ability to finance large orders, purchase piece goods and hold inventory as needed.’
    • ‘They realized it's a lot different to distribute uniforms than it is to distribute piece goods.’
    • ‘Visitors were under no obligation to buy, prices were often marked, and piece goods of different lines of merchandise were sold.’
    • ‘The company is sourcing fabrics on a worldwide basis, and shipping piece goods from country to country for customers.’