Definition of pie in the sky in English:

pie in the sky


  • Used to describe or refer to something that is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized.

    ‘don't throw away a decent offer in pursuit of pie in the sky’
    • ‘The plans are not pie in the sky, they are something we are pursuing with some vigour.’
    • ‘If I am a disaster at any stage, leading the party will be pie in the sky.’
    • ‘It's probably pie in the sky to say we could unionize them, but that's what I'd like to see.’
    • ‘We are still in the preliminary stages but we are seriously interested - it is not pie in the sky.’
    • ‘Not so long ago, many people thought that bringing crime in New York under control was pie in the sky.’
    • ‘We are not talking pie in the sky, we are talking about clear correlations which will help deliver a healthier Scotland.’
    • ‘One source said: ‘That type of number is simply pie in the sky.’’
    • ‘He went on: ‘This is not just wishful thinking or pie in the sky.’’
    • ‘And obtaining permission to hold a demonstration, well that's just pie in the sky.’
    • ‘I had to convince them that my plans to renovate it weren't just pie in the sky and persuade them that I'd actually finish it.’
    false hope, illusion, delusion, unrealizable dream, fantasy, pipe dream, daydream, reverie, mirage, castle in the air, castle in spain
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