Definition of pie cart in English:

pie cart


NZ, Australian
  • A mobile stall from which takeaway foods are sold.

    ‘pie carts were a popular kerbside feature’
    • ‘We were munching on the usual pea, pie, and pud from the local pie cart.’
    • ‘Always an adventurous entrepreneur, in 1992 I joined with two partners to set up a pie cart in the centre of Christchurch.’
    • ‘She recalls gathering up loose change dropped by blokes who'd been in the pub too long, and trying to give it back to the pie cart proprietor.’
    • ‘Delicious smells of curried sausages, stew, and boiled potatoes wafted across from next door where Brian cooked the food for his pie-cart.’
    • ‘"I worked at the pie cart for 14 years, on and off," he says.’
    • ‘It's not hard to imagine the hole the pie cart left when the vats were turned off and the tables cleared for the last time in March, 1975.’
    • ‘This bus offered much more comfort than the old style of pie cart where diners had to stand to eat at the counter, with only the upper body protected by the canopy.’
    • ‘When the pie cart closed, she took the menu boards home with her and stored them in the basement.’
    • ‘I'll spot ya down the pie cart for a real man's feed.’
    • ‘It was one of the most memorable times I have had mushy peas was at the pie cart.’