Definition of picture space in English:

picture space


mass noun
  • The apparent space behind the picture plane of a painting, created by perspective and other techniques.

    ‘they have a tendency to expand, to fill the picture space’
    • ‘The figure takes up most of the picture space dominating the area it inhabits.’
    • ‘The artist shows a frieze of interrelated figures, who fill the picture space and are contained in a cramped, boxlike setting.’
    • ‘It instructs in a way that enables you to learn about designing picture space and to use this information in creating your own images.’
    • ‘A second self-portrait also influenced by Cezanne, is more frontal, filling up the picture space; in these qualities it anticipates the paintings from the mid ‘40s on.’
    • ‘Cecilia turns and reacts, a gentle smile of welcome sparkling in her eyes and playing across the corners of her mouth as she glances at a companion outside the formal limits of her picture space.’