Definition of picture postcard in English:

picture postcard


  • 1A postcard with a picture on one side.

    • ‘In the darkness, the mountainside looked like a picture postcard.’
    • ‘Art snobs might make you feel like a philistine for considering it, but a picture postcard can be made to look stunning, if only it is set within the right frame.’
    • ‘She has never really known her father - he is just a face in photos and a few words on the back of a picture postcard of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’
    • ‘This is not a picture postcard exhibition, but an appreciation of the more unusual aspects of the whole county.’
    • ‘It evokes feelings of cold crisp mornings, rosy-cheeked children playing in the snow a scene straight from an old picture postcard.’
    • ‘The collection of 25 letters also features a picture postcard of Williams as well as some poem translations.’
    • ‘It is reproduced from a late - 1800s picture postcard showing Crookhill Green and the village pond.’
    • ‘So too, does the fact that newspapers are quite large items and thus difficult to display unless framed on the wall, so they don't have quite the collecting appeal of, say, a picture postcard.’
    • ‘Small villages by the Rhine, dotted with shiny slate-roofed houses and occasional churches with tall spires looked right out of a picture postcard.’
    • ‘I don't often send postcards and, when I do, I generally send a picture postcard of wherever I'm staying or living at the time.’
    • ‘The production of the modern picture postcard had begun.’
    • ‘I'm looking at a picture postcard of Edinburgh Castle.’
    • ‘The world's oldest picture postcard, dated from 1840, was sold at auction yesterday for nearly £32,000.’
    • ‘His proudest boast as a businessman was undoubtedly that he published the first picture postcard of York in 1893.’
    • ‘Once upon a picture postcard, Parliament Street was the plushest of Harrogate streets, all haute couture, Turkish baths and elegance.’
    • ‘Perhaps due to an unfortunate shooting schedule, exteriors betray a damp, overcast environment, it's not the sort of thing you'd see on a picture postcard.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Prettily picturesque, like the scenes typically shown on picture postcards.
      ‘a picture-postcard thatched cottage’
      • ‘The planting next to this had a picture-postcard quality, while white lacecap hydrangeas joined with the white-banded foliage of miscanthus to give a light and airy touch to another planting reflected in the central pool.’
      • ‘Every type of shot in every season is available, from Cumbria's famous lakes through to its snow-topped mountains and picture-postcard towns.’
      • ‘The picture-postcard setting was complemented by the cool breeze wafting across the crystal-clear water and the constant rustling of the leaves of the banyan trees which played host to a legion of bats.’
      • ‘A picture postcard swimming pool with a solitary palm tree graces the exit.’
      • ‘At low tide, large areas dry into plains of black mud before the tide restores the creeks to their picture-postcard prettiness.’
      • ‘The road hugs the sides of the coastal mountains here, and the picture postcard views are some of the most stunning on this route.’
      • ‘Residents of the picture-postcard community found police officers knocking at their doors as house-to-house inquiries began in a village which has no pub, post office or village shop.’
      • ‘Residents are furious that the picture postcard views their families and visiting ramblers have enjoyed for centuries have been decimated.’
      • ‘But residents of the picture-postcard village are up in arms over the plans and many have written letters of objection to the council as well as signing a petition.’
      • ‘Many have lingered on a bridge over the quiet waterway and studied the picture-postcard scene.’
      • ‘The prosecution painted a picture of a houseproud woman who hated the disruption in her picture-postcard cottage caused by having the babies.’
      • ‘An imposing façade, a high corner tower and a saucer dome complete the picture postcard setting.’
      • ‘IT was a vote which lead to shocking scenes of ethnic violence against a tropical, picture-postcard island backdrop.’
      • ‘It is a picture-postcard village with a proud and tragic secret.’
      • ‘So clear is the air here that the villages, islands and mountains stand out in glorious 3 - D, creating picture-postcard images at every turn.’
      • ‘THE picture-postcard image of brightly painted fishing boats, manned by men in floppy-caps and short-sleeves, ferrying wide-eyed tourists across the lakes of Killarney, is always a joy to behold.’
      • ‘They had, quite literally, created winter tourism and made their little land into the picture-postcard holiday destination of the world.’
      • ‘The sea is calm, the sky a picture-postcard blue.’
      • ‘This week, we expose the reality behind the picture-postcard image and show how one of our natural beauty spots has been destroyed.’
      • ‘The harbour was a picture-postcard scene awash with colour, from the fishermen's yellow waterproofs to the reds, blues and greens of their boats.’


picture postcard