Definition of picture plane in English:

picture plane


  • (in perspective painting or drawing) the imaginary plane corresponding to the surface of a picture, perpendicular to the viewer's line of sight.

    • ‘In a smaller untitled gouache and ink work from the same year, a black line meanders across the picture plane, curving and looping in a way that is reminiscent of Baziotes's style.’
    • ‘Planes parallel to the picture plane have unforeshortened perspectives however far they recede from the eye.’
    • ‘Her graphically descriptive vocabulary, emphasizing the surface of the picture plane, recalls traditional Japanese printmaking.’
    • ‘The viewpoint in this type of perspective lies on a line perpendicular to the picture plane, passing through the central vanishing point.’
    • ‘In the drawings, the white paper glimpsed behind the network of lines illusionistically comes forward, to press against the picture plane, serving in representational terms as light reflecting off the water's surface.’