Definition of picrite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A dark basaltic igneous rock rich in olivine.

    • ‘It was more voluminous and ranged petrologically from basalts to picrites, showing very little evidence of continental contamination.’
    • ‘The effects of depth and degree of melting are well illustrated by terrestrial basaltic magma types, which can be divided into three broad groups: basalts, komatiites, and picrites.’
    • ‘The tholeiitic picrite basalts and basalts of the Mailaka sector have higher 87 Sr / 86 Sr and lower cNd 88 than the weakly alkaline basalts.’
    • ‘Two series of igneous rocks have been found: tholeiitic, ranging from picrite basalt to basaltic andesite (to rhyodacites); mildly alkaline, with a more restricted compositional range (picrite basalts and basalts).’
    • ‘Wholerock and chromite geochemistry suggests that these rocks have greatest affinity with picrites found on King Island, which have a latest Neoproterozoic age.’


Early 19th century: from Greek pikros ‘bitter’ + -ite.