Definition of pickings in English:


plural noun

  • 1Profits or gains that are made effortlessly or dishonestly.

    ‘thieves found easy pickings in the underprotected bedsits’
    • ‘They provide easy pickings and a good source of revenue and it doesn't require too much brain power.’
    • ‘Such crimes consist of lawbreakers lurking about looking for easy pickings and comprise most of the crimes on campus.’
    • ‘Police have warned householders not to leave easy pickings for burglars following a spate of crimes where property was stolen after windows and doors were left unlocked.’
    • ‘A funds manager said smaller companies were easy pickings.’
    • ‘Gas companies profit when oil prices rise, and face slim pickings indeed when times are rough.’
    • ‘There must still be rich pickings for all of them.’
    • ‘During the 1990s, the growth in the number of working mothers who bought ready-made meals for their babies and young children led to rich pickings for baby food firms.’
    • ‘This has left me with slim pickings on the video front.’
    • ‘Attracted by his free market policies and the rich pickings to be made from privatised industries, foreign capital poured into the country.’
    • ‘With the soaring temperatures, people are going to bed and forgetting to secure their homes, providing rich pickings for thieves.’
    • ‘They were easy pickings for predators, never having been outside before.’
    • ‘The rich pickings have brought out hordes of unscrupulous and fraudulent operators.’
    • ‘But compromised nutrition, crowded living, inadequate ventilation and late diagnosis all combine to make the poor easy pickings.’
    • ‘While the long food chains provide the multinational suppliers and the supermarkets with rich pickings, they are not good for the producer, the product or the consumer.’
    • ‘It did not take him long to realise that much of the system of locum recruitment and payment was infected by barely controlled chaos and promised the dishonest rich pickings.’
    • ‘Expensive golf equipment makes rich pickings for thieves, and the lucrative nature of golf crime was highlighted by a recent theft from the pro shop at the Golf Club.’
    • ‘But by warning people that burglars are on the prowl, it is hoped the criminals will not be able to take advantage of any easy pickings.’
    • ‘The use of counterfeit and stolen cards is escalating, with conmen drawn to the rich pickings of out-of-town shopping centres.’
    • ‘For the next five trading sessions, investors have slim pickings.’
    • ‘We are the only people back in at present, and the area could be seen as easy pickings for looters.’
    profit, earnings, income, advantage, benefit, reward, emolument, yield, return, winnings, receipts, proceeds, dividend, interest, percentage, takings
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  • 2Remaining scraps or leftovers.

    • ‘For those that fail, the remaining pickings may be small.’
    • ‘The remaining pickings are slim and getting slimmer.’
    • ‘He also knows that there is bacon to be had, left over pickings from my breakfast.’
    • ‘I’ve been out on several mini forays where many large families have obviously harvested there before me and the remaining pickings were thin.’
    • ‘From there they would get first pickings at the garbage.’