Definition of pickaback in English:


adverb, verb, noun, & adjective

  • as noun ‘would you mind giving her a pickaback?’
    old-fashioned term for piggyback
    as verb ‘my father pickabacking me to bed’
    as adverb ‘I climbed up from behind upon him, so he bore me pickaback’
    as adjective ‘a pickaback ride’
    • ‘Especially droll was the situation of the huge fat Captain S., who, puffing and smiling good-naturedly, with legs dragging on the ground, rode pickaback on the feeble little Lieutenant O.’
    • ‘In contrast, it is preferable that an infant should be held in a pickaback ride or a vertical manner when the head of the infant is set and the body of the infant becomes bigger.’