Definition of pick something out of a hat in English:

pick something out of a hat


  • Select something, especially the winner of a contest, at random.

    ‘he picked the victor out of a hat’
    • ‘Then tell them that after considerable thought, you've decided that the only way to make the call is to pick a name out of a hat and randomly choose a car to sell.’
    • ‘Today, we will be picking names out of a hat for our partners with our next project.’
    • ‘Two lucky volunteers' names were picked out of a hat to fill the two places allocated to some charities for a trip to London.’
    • ‘If two or more people suggested the chosen name, the winner will be picked out of a hat.’
    • ‘Did someone just pick a percentage out of a hat and declare it to be fair?’
    • ‘I think they must have just picked players out of a hat rather than a seeding system because later on I played people Michael would have easily beaten.’
    • ‘There is something liberating about going into a travel agent and saying that I want to go away in three days and just picking a hotel out of a hat.’
    • ‘This is a case when the filmmakers couldn't have come up with worse choices if they had picked names out of a hat.’
    • ‘An inside source told me that candidates’ seating positions were chosen by picking numbers out of a hat.’
    • ‘It hardly seems fair to force people to pick a number out of a hat to justify a long-term strategic decision.’